NOVATOP ACOUSTIC panels improve the acoustic properties of the space. A suitably selected combination of wood, profile, absorber and surface treatment offers a wide range of options in the process of forming a modern interior design with the scent of wood.


ACOUSTIC panels are made ​​of a solid three-layer board (SWP) perforated into various profiles. The proportion of the perforated area and the shape of the perforation vary with different models. The panels contain an absorber chosen according to the acoustic requirements of the project.

Profiles – sampler

Suzanna, Giulia, Marilyne (8/25, 4/12, Special), Tina, Beata, Lucy (Ø8/16-16, Ø 10/32-32, Ø16/32-32)
NEW: SONATA 4/10 (obliquely cut, cutting angle of 20°)

Wood – sampler

Spruce, Silver fir

Surface finish – sampler

We now offer acoustic panels with Adler Lignovit Interior UV 100 surface finish which provides up to triple UV protection and has very low VOC values. You can choose from the design with a primer or a final coating in 3 shades: Natur, Zugspitze, Mont Blanc. Acoustic panels are supplied without surface treatment as standard. The surface of the panel is finally reground after producing the profile.
Maximum format – final coating: 625 x 2500 mm


OAK – Sampler 

The acoustic panels are also available in a veneered finish in two decors:
EUROPEAN OAK – radial, quality A, a thickness of 0.6 mm, veneer padded with VC300+ fleece
EUROPEAN OAK – tangential, quality A, a thickness of 0.6 mm, veneer padded with VC300+ fleece
VEENER WALNUT, BEECH, ASH, CHERRY –  on individual request

Application – photo gallery

The panels are suitable for reconstructions and new buildings: flats, offices, classrooms, lecture halls, corridors, schools and kindergartens, canteens, relaxation rooms, but also gyms, sports halls, concert halls, etc.

Standard formats

Standard widths (mm): 625, 1250, 2500
Standard lengths (mm): 2500, 3000, 5000
Standard widths (mm): 625, 1250, 2500
Standard lengths (mm): 2500, 3000, 5000
Oak veneer
Standard widths (mm): 625
Standard lengths (mm): 2500, 3000

Maximum format: 2500 x 5000 mm. With all formats, it is necessary to take into account the shape of the profile when connecting. Minimum width for the profile Tina is 1250 mm. We offer standard lengths of 3000 and 5000 mm with Giulia profile.

Quick and easy assembly – instructions in pdf

ACOUSTIC panels have a relatively low weight and can be very easily installed on a base lattice grid as well as a suspended ceiling and can be simply machined with tools for wood. When installed, the ceiling surface is levelled, which allows suspension even to a roughly finished structure. The panels can be installed on walls, both horizontally and vertically, and ceilings, both along the length and along the width of the room. Easy access to the hollow space above the panel allows fitting of the technical distribution.

The downloads section includes:

ACOUSTIC technical documentation including assembly instructions
Tests and certificates
Impact tests: ACOUSTIC panels comply with EN 13964 in its entirety and can be applied in sports halls and gyms.
Acoustic software for free download: A practical aid used for computation of a reverberation time of a certain space and for designing an optimal solution using ACOUSTIC panels.