EASY BOARD - Novatop


It‘s really easy with EASY

EASY BOARD is a new special series of 3-layer panels with a tongue, a groove and a chamfered edge, which are characterized by an attractive final surface, imitating the modern look of visual CLT panels. A wide range of finishes, including brushing, drilling, milling and glazing paints of various shades, opens up many possibilities for both interior and exterior applications. Precise machining and accurate joints guarantee top quality. The cross-glued composition of the panel eliminates twisting and bending. Working with EASY panels is not only simple, but also brings
perfect results. EASY BOARD is synonymous with simplicity, speed and modern design in the world of contemporary construction materials.


3-layer panel with a tongue, a groove and a chamfered edge
Machining: tongue, groove, chamfered edge / 4 sides
Spruce: B/C, C/C, C/D (Bonding: MUF, PVAC)
Fir: AB/B, AB/C (Bonding: PVAC)
Standard thickness (mm): 19 (6-7-6), 27 (6-15-6), 27 (9-9-9)
Standard format (mm):
Gross: 625 x 2500, 625 x 3000, 1250 x 5000
Nett: 615 x 2490, 615 x 2990, 1240 x 4990
Packaging: 48 or 32 pcs.


The base plate without surface treatment, sanded, grain size of 100
Drilling: Profile 4/8-8, 8/16-16, 16/32-32, KATY – random drilling Ø 4, 8, 16 mm (drilled profiles can be supplemented with a black Fibertex absorber on the non-visual side)
  S/L – combined profile:
visual side of the 4/12 grooving, non-visual side of the 16/32-32 drilling can be supplemented with a black Fibertex absorber on the non-visual side)


Surface treatments for the interior and covered exterior: water-soluble glazing paint, UV stable (natural, white transparent, white non-transparent, grey):
As standard, we use Adler Interior UV 100 and Remmers Induline glazing paints.
Other options for surface treatment upon individual demand.


• Precise joints
• Unique visual quality
• A wide range of products
• Dimensional stability and high strength
• Easy handling and assembly


• Interior – cladding of walls, ceilings, floors, etc.
• Covered exterior – covered roof, pergola soffits, etc.


Machining accuracy:
Machining tolerance in the thickness of ± 0.4 mm
Width and length tolerance of ± 0.5 mm
Tolerance of sanding thickness of ± 0.2 mm

Warning: The recommended relative humidity of the environment in which the NOVATOP panels are installed is 55 % at 20 °C. As a result of low air humidity, cracks may appear in the wood. Wood properties of this product are maintained, so they respond to changes in temperature and humidity by shrinking or, possibly, by swelling. Improper storage and use in extreme conditions (extreme temperatures and humidity) can cause cracking and deformations.