Certificates - Novatop


Declaration of properties, certificates, attests and reports accompanying NOVATOP products.


What is Natureplus?
Natureplus is a prestigious international quality brand for building and furnishing products at all levels of the construction process and relates to wholesomeness, ecological production, protection of limited resources and suitability of use. The tests for obtaining the Natureplus certificate are performed by the IBO Institute in Austria (Austrian Institute for Building Biology and Ecology). Each product is examined in detail during the testing carried out by independent experts. For more info, go to www.natureplus.org

What does CE mean?
With the mark CE (Comformité Européenne), the EU confirms the valid harmonized standards that provide the minimum requirements for products for the building industry with regard to product safety and wholesomeness. The CE marking is guaranteed by the manufacturer for all multilayer boards. NOVATOP products were certified with ETA – European Technical Approval.

What does PEFC mean?
“Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes” is a certification system for long-term forest management with respect to economic, environmental and social standards. The company AGROP NOVA a.s. is a holder of the PEFC certificate, thus supporting sustainable forest management, accepts and meets the requirements of the international standard of CFCS 2002:2013 set by PEFC International. For more info, go to www.pefc.org

What does ISPM mean?
This standard describes the measures taken to minimize the risk of importation or spread of wood pests with wooden packaging materials.