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For architects, it has become a powerful tool if they are looking for novel solutions and at the same time, simple, clean lines.
For designers and structural engineers, it is synonymous with rigidity and compactness, large spans and simple construction details.
Construction companies appreciate its prefabrication which through rapid construction, leads to much higher technological discipline of assembly crews and minimizes construction site errors.
And the clients? The beauty of natural wood, which pervades the interiors, evokes strong emotions.

NOVATOP is a comprehensive and in many aspects, a unique building system. It combines highly advanced technology, solidity of all elements and the beauty of natural wood. The whole system is manufactured in the Czech Republic. Experts from Switzerland cooperated with us on its development. (CLT = cross laminated timber)

CLT at a higher level

NOVATOP is a comprehensive and in many aspects, unique building system.  Standard panels SOLID made of cross-laminated timber complements sophisticated ceiling and roof elements ELEMENT and OPEN, whose main advantage is low weight but high static load carrying capacity. At the same time, they can be fitted with thermal and sound insulation or distribution routes for installations in the production process. The product range also includes STATIC five-layer boards and SWP three-layer organic boards. ACOUSTIC panels designed to solve room acoustics are at the top of the system pyramid.

All NOVATOP products are manufactured from dried spruce slats put together in layers; the layers form an angle of 90˚. The number of layers can differ and determines the final thickness of the panel. The wood is dried to a moisture content of about 8%, it ensures high stability of components and prevents them from cracking. The slats are glued to each other in all directions; in the production process polyurethane adhesives are mostly, these are approved in accordance with European standards for manufacture of wooden load-bearing building components both for the interior and the exterior.  Due to the technology of drying and sticking, they exhibit dimensional stability even with changes in humidity.

CLT = cross laminated timber


The flexibility of the system enables creation of tailored projects and allows you to meet the individual requirements. NOVATOP is able to react to partial demand for walls or roofs as well as to a comprehensive solution for the whole building. The individual products can be combined with other structures based on wood as well as a brick building, steel or glass.

The system is suitable for the construction of houses and apartment buildings, office buildings, schools, sports facilities and large industrial buildings. It can be also used in extensions and superstructures. NOVATOP meets the strict criteria for construction of passive and energy-efficient buildings.

All the products are tailor made – in exact formats with selected processing of joints, with openings for windows and doors and other individual adjustments as preparation for distribution routes or addition of insulation.

The fully processed panels are shipped directly to the site where they are put together to make a complete building using a crane – accurately, simply and quickly. Fillings of openings, insulation and the facade, according to the requirements of the project, are then applied to the structure. In the interior, the panels can be left uncovered with the visual quality of spruce wood.

NOVATOP relies on simplicity of execution of the structural details, the minimum number of assembly joints and the compositions of the walls. All of this is reflected primarily in the quality of the building.