Engel House, CZ - Novatop

Engel House, CZ

From the very beginning, the architects wanted the house to fit well into the romantic landscape under the massive rock and the medieval ruins of the Gothic castle, at the foot of which the town is located. The design of the house was based on the traditional morphology of a country house, which includes a gabled roof and a classic wooden gable. Simultaneously, the house had to meet the requirements and functions of a modern house, both for summer comfort and winter rest. The entire building is designed as a wooden structure. The main structural element comprises the NOVATOP large-format wooden panels, which are visible in the interior and play an important role in the creative concept of the house.

Architect: CMC architects (Vít Máslo, David Richard Chisholm) – more information about the project
Photo: BoysPlayNice
Strukture: NOVATOP