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About us

AGROP NOVA a.s. manufactures its products under the NOVATOP brand

The company AGROP NOVA a.s. was established in 2001, and it built on the production programme of the company Agrop s.r.o., which was founded in 1992. Today we are one of the largest and most modern manufacturers of large format multi-layer panels in Europe. Annually, we process over 60,000 m³ of timber and we deliver more than 1,300,000 m² of multilayer panels (840 trucks) to our customers.

Thanks to our corporate philosophy and top quality products, we successfully deliver to such advanced markets as Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy, France and the first projects are also being developed in Norway, USA, Canada and Japan. The courage to accept difficult projects brings us up to the level of one of the most developed companies in the area of custom manufacturing.

The main production programme of the company is multi-layer panels NOVATOP SWP (organic boards) and the NOVATOP SYSTEM – a comprehensive building system on the basis of solid cross-laminated timber (CLT).

It's all about people

Our company is unique due to the high proportion of manual labour, which cannot be replaced by any machine. But, at the same time, they are human hands that operate the most advanced and powerful technologies. We pay full attention to our people and each of their activities – from the purchase of wood, its drying, through its processing to its packaging and its transportation to the customer. There are over 200 people of different professions in our well-coordinated team, and together we create the best that is possible in our industry today.

Satisfied employees are a prerequisite of success of any company and, therefore, employee benefits form part of the working conditions. They include support of education and language courses, educational leave, material facilities and work equipment or meals allowance in the form of vouchers. A great emphasis is placed on organization of regular corporate events.

Currently we are working on a project of rebuilding the existing company’s facilities this will fulfil several functions – from changing rooms, through offices, to a training centre. The goal is to create a primarily friendly environment for work.

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All of our products are manufactured from a natural, renewable raw material under strict environmental regulations. Wood is the only building material that has a negative balance of carbon dioxide; in its whole life cycle, from growth to incorporation into buildings, absorbs more CO2 (carbon dioxide) than it produces. Every year we produce approximately 1,300,000 m² of panels. Every 1m² binds approximately 17kg of CO2. Our panels bind more than 22 million kg of CO2 a year, it corresponds to a car journey of approximatelv 147 million km.

A great advantage of the NOVATOP production is a modern way that wooden waste disposal in the form of production of ecological wooden briquettes at the volume of about 800 metric tons per month. The heat to the production plant is supplied from the new boiler room for renewable energy sources.

All NOVATOP products are glued without formaldehyde. The glue has 10 times lower formaldehyde emissions than the limits of Class E1. (Tests carried out at the company WKI in Braunschweig showed absolutely minimum presence of formaldehyde emissions: 0.01-0.02 ppm – 0.01-0.02 mg/m³ according to standard EN 717-1.) These values are up to 10 times lower than the E1 Class limits (1ppm – 1.24 mg/m³) and are also lower than the very strict limits specified in Natureplus.


Production with optimized production processes is regularly audited by both domestic and international independent auditing bodies. State-of-the-art CNC equipment that operates according to CAD data with millimetre accuracy is used for formatting and processing. The production process complies with the strict criteria for a number of certifications – Natureplus, the European Technical Approval (ETA) and CE marking. The coniferous timber used holds a certificate called PEFC and an attest called ISPM.

As the first Czech manufacturer we obtained the prestigious certificate Natureplus in 2008, which we regularly defend. This international symbol of healthy and environmentally friendly products for the building industry is gaining more and more importance for customers, and it is often even a condition, especially abroad. The certification confirms that NOVATOP multilayer panels meet strict emission criteria for harmful substances (formaldehyde, VOC, heavy metals, halides, pesticides) as well as strict environmental impact criteria. A product with this certificate allows you to build truly environmentally friendly.

The production technology has been supplied by renowned companies, such as Steinemann, Weinig, Diefenbacher, Italpresse, Torwege, Mühlböck, Reichenbacher, etc.


Novatop Lapierre

Novatop Lapierre Club was founded in 2008. It is a team full of sports enthusiasts and ardent bikers who constantly exceed their limits. They take part in domestic and international races, which are motivation for hard year-round preparation. The members form a cross-section of the entire performance and age spectrum of the sports-minded population.

RC Stadt Haag

A group of active athletes founded the RC Stadt Haag club in 1986 and takes part in a number of domestic and foreign races. Support for cycling enthusiasts is a challenge for us even abroad! Jerseys bearing the NOVATOP logo have been going across Austria since 2017.