The gym, Kobeřice - Novatop

The gym, Kobeřice

Natural wood in gyms has a tradition!
The interior solution of sports premises must withstand repeated impacts of balls and must be safe. The architects worked with these requirements when designing the gymnasium in Kobeřice. Their design is moderate with carefully finished details and pleasant colours. Natural wood became a key element of the interior, namely cladding made of the NOVATOP three-layer panel and NOVATOP acoustic panels, thanks to which sports performances take place without disturbing sound reflections.

The gym in Kobeřice was declared the best new building in the Opava region and won the J.M. Olbrich award. We appreciate the work of architects who combined the practicality, safety and beauty of natural wood. Thank you for the beautiful application of NOVATOP.

Design: WMA architekti s.r.o. – Ing. Arch. Adam Weczerek
Photo: David Bernard
NOVATOP installation: Dřevostavby MC