NOVATOP STATIC multi-layer panels were developed specifically to resolve the roof overhangs and to bridge large spans. They will convince you with their high stability in compressive and tension stress and extreme static load capacities.

Five-layer STATIC panels are made of spruce timber dried to 8%. Each layer of the panel consists of lamellas of massive solid wood. The five-layer panel has one middle layer rotated by 90° relative to the two parallel surface layers on each side. The thickness of the medium layer can differ and determines the final thickness of the panel. The lamellas of the middle layer are glued longitudinally, and lengthwise they are connected with a butted joint or they can be continuous. Their maximum thickness is 42 mm.

Range of products:

Wood: Central European spruce
Thicknesses (mm): 
45 (9-9-9-9-9), 60 (9-9-24-9-9)
B, C, D and their combinations.

NOVATOP STATIC L (longitudinal direction of the fibres)
Widths (mm): 1040, 1250, 2100, 2500
Lengths (mm): 2500, 5000, 6000, maximum 12,000 (Connection with an inlay finger joint)


NOVATOP STATIC Q (transverse direction of the fibres)
Widths (mm): 2500
Lengths (mm): 4950

Machining possibilities

Standard: Spring and groove, grooves from the side, dowtail joint
Perforations into various profiles (milling, cutting, drilling), milling of grooves and openings of various shapes and others, according to the individual demand
Exact formatting:
Machining tolerance in the thickness of ± 0.4 mm
Width and length tolerance in the thickness of ± 0.5 mm
Tolerance of sanding thickness ± 0.2 mm

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