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Envelope your home in natural beauty that underlines its uniqueness. NOVATOP facade panels combine natural wood, tradition and luxury design, bringing not only aesthetic beauty to your house, but also many practical advantages. They are made of high-quality three-layer panels and each one of them is carefully crafted to meet the highest quality standards. Attractive metallic glittering effects allow you to adapt the appearance of the facade to your individual taste and style.


NOVATOP FACADE – 3-layer board with a tongue and a groove
NOVATOP three-layer panels are distinguished by exceptional craftsmanship. The wood is dried to 8±2%, the lamellas are carefully selected, mainly from the central timber, the surface is closed and repaired. This ensures the long-term stability of the panels on the exterior and the elimination of surface cracks. However, it is necessary to take into account the properties of natural wood – the surface of the panels naturally changes over time, it can turn grey, be subject to erosion and develop small cracks. When choosing surface finishes, it is recommended to choose ones that look similar to these natural colours. The lifespan of the facade is mainly influenced by the type of exposure, connections, anchoring and other factors. To maintain a long service life, it is important to follow the principles of structural protection and regular maintenance.


Natural Beauty: Wood is a natural material with a unique beauty and texture. The wooden facades provide the house with a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
Traditional character: Wood is a material with a long history in the construction industry. It has been used for centuries and gives buildings a traditional and authentic look. Wooden facades can emphasize the historical character of older buildings or add an interesting contrast to modern architecture.
Insulation properties: A ventilated facade allows airflow that conducts moisture away from the structure while helping to reduce heat transfer, thus improving the building’s energy efficiency.
Durability and resistance: Properly treated wood can be very durable and weather resistant. Modern protective coatings and techniques keep the building free from rotting, pests and wood deformation. Wooden facades can thus last for many years with minimal maintenance.
Ecological choice: Wood is a renewable and environmentally friendly material that contributes to reducing the carbon footprint. By choosing a wooden facade, you support sustainable construction and environmental protection.
Design flexibility: Wood is a very flexible material that allows different styles of facades. You can choose from a wide range of surface finishes and colours to achieve the look you require and express your own individuality.


Thickness: 27mm (9-9-9)
Machining: tongue & groove (4 sides)
Wood: Nordic spruce
Quality: AB/C
Use: exterior only

Basic formats

Horizontal (net)
Widths (mm): 604, 1,229
Length (mm): 2,500, 5,000
Vertical (net)
Widths: 617, 1,242
Length (mm): 2,500, 3,000, 5,000

Individual formats

On demand, based on the projects.

Surface finish

• Brushing without surface treatment
• Brushing with glaze – colourful metallic glittering effects

Glazing type: Adler Lignovit Platin – water soluble, UV-stable
The Adler Lignovit Platin glaze enables formation of attractive colour effects on wooden facades. Special aluminium pigments add metallic gleams to the selected shade and effectively reflect UV radiation, thereby extending the life of the treated surfaces. It provides excellent weather resistance, vapour permeability and high UV stability.

Colour tone – sampler
• Quartzgrau 53294
• Achatgrau 53292
• Topasgrau 53317
• Pyritgrau 53316

Edge protection (4 sides): ADLER Hirnholzversiegelung 55621 or Remers Induline SW-910

Other colour tones on request.

Variants of FACADE