NOVATOP SWP are multilayer panels (bioboards) consisting of an odd number of layers, most often three and five. Each layer consists of lamellas of massive solid wood. The layers are rotated 90° relative to each other. The thickness of the lamellas is different and determines the final thickness of the panel. For production, coniferous wood dried to 8-12% is used. The surface layers are repaired, essentially with natural knots and putty. The surfaces are ground with a grit of 100.

Basic range of goods

Wood: Spruce
Standard thicknesses (mm): 19, 27, 42
Basic recommended format (mm): 2,100 x 5,000 mm
Application: In construction industry and joinery
In construction industry and joinery panels SWP here

Machining- Spring and groove + chamfered edge

Range of goods: 3-layer panel
Machining: 2 sides or 4 sides
Wood: Spruce
Standard thicknesses (mm): 19, 27 mm, max. 42
Standard format (mm): 690 x 2,500, 625 x 2,500, max. length 6,000
Quality:  B/C, C/C, C/D
Application: Interior, exterior

Other machining possibilities 

Range of products: 3-layer panel, 5-layer panel
Standard: side grooves, finger joint
Non-standard: Perforations into various profiles (milling, cutting, drilling), milling of grooves and openings of various shapes and others, according to the individual demand
Machining: 1 to 4 sides

Wood: Spruce, fir
Standard thicknesses : up to 62 mm
Standard format: max. 2,500 x 6,000 mm
Quality:  B/B, B/C, C/C, C/D
Application: Interior, exterior

Precision machining:
Machining tolerance in the thickness of ± 0.4 mm
Width and length tolerance ± 0.5 mm
Tolerance of sanding thickness ± 0.2 mm

More precise specifications in the technical documentation “Machining possibilities

Surface finishes of multi-layer panels – more information