NOVATOP multilayer board scores success in the world - Novatop

NOVATOP multilayer board scores success in the world

Quebec, Canada, or an eco-resort in the Croatian resort of Drage

NOVATOP bioboard – thanks to its unique properties, it appeals to architects around the world who transform it into beautiful functional images.

Le Grand Marché Market in Quebec, Canada

A new market, conceived as a village with a public square and streets set in a large hall, was created in Quebec, Canada, by transforming a former shopping centre. The dominant feature of the interior is the NOVATOP multilayer board. It is a beautiful and inspiring example of using wood in reconstruction within existing buildings.

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OIKOS – minimalism, simplicity and elegance

A unique set of 20 eco-friendly OIKOS houses were built in the Croatian resort of Buqez. The entire interior is covered with a NOVATOP spruce multi-layer board, which completes the project’s exclusivity and contributes to climate control. The project defines minimalism, simplicity and elegance.

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