NOVAHOME - Novatop


Smart type houses designed by architects

The open project presents NOVAHOME – quality original wooden houses, which use the latest knowledge in the field of healthy living and the latest technology. Thanks to this connection, all houses have low energy consumption and an ideal climate free from mould, dust, allergens and other harmful substances.

The basic idea is to present your own ideas about the current family home, which is created by individual architects, professional designers and construction companies. Emphasis is placed on sophisticated dispositions, high technical-technological level and moderation in energy consumption.

NOVAHOME houses are designed using the NOVATOP structural system. “We chose this material because today’s building systems are not able to create a sufficiently high-quality home envelope suitable for passive structures. With the same meticulous care, we chose the construction system; we chose also the other materials and technologies that make up the houses. Maximum components are manufactured in the Czech Republic and can be ranked among the world leaders.”

Dozens of NOVAHOME houses are already enjoyed by satisfied clients.

The current offer of the houses, including the prices, can be found on the NOVAHOME website.