Logistics Centre, Switzerland - Novatop

Logistics Centre, Switzerland

A unique project!
Kuratle&Jaecker shopping and logistics centre in Märstetten, Switzerland. A new hall with an almost hectare area, which is spanned by specially designed wooden beams, is used for the storage of wooden materials. Part of the second floor, above the hall, comprises office areas, and part of the roof functions as a car park.

This is a unique wooden structure, the first of its kind in Switzerland, which, thanks to the materials used, removes 3,427 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere and actively contributes to climate protection. Thanks to the well coordinated cooperation of 13 construction companies involved in the construction process, the hall could be put into operation 34 weeks after the construction began.

The bespoke NOVATOP ELEMENT, mostly in the format of 2,100 × 5,000 mm with the fire resistance of REI 60, are one of the key elements of the roof structure. 770 pcs delivered, the total area of 8,500 m²

Project: SJB Kempter Fitze AG
Investor: Kuratle Immobilien AG