KIDO Kindergarten, Aleksandrów Lódzki - Novatop

KIDO Kindergarten, Aleksandrów Lódzki

A yellow crocodile – this is how the children for who the kindergarten is intended see this building. The structure of the building is a combination of concrete on the ground floor and the NOVATOP system on the first floor. “The walls and ceilings smell of spruce forest. They are only sanded and protected against fire with a special coating. The walls breathe, dampen noise and create the unique atmosphere of this place,” explain Filip Domaszczyński, Dorota Sibińska and Marta Nowosielska from XYstudio.
It is an energy-saving building erected in just 6 months, which was nominated. Report in Polish here

Architects: xystudio
Project and implementation: MODUS HOUSE
Photo: Stan Zajaczkowski