Exhibition on the piazzetta of the National Theatre - Novatop

Exhibition on the piazzetta of the National Theatre

A unique 37m long wooden installation with the exhibition of the “Salon Dřevostaveb 2023” (Salon of Wooden Structures) in Václav Havel Square in Prague.

Salon Dřevostaveb is a festival and selective exhibition of contemporary wooden architecture in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It is a centre of education in the field of modern wooden buildings, a showcase of progressive trends in wooden architecture and inspiration for a responsible lifestyle. It shows the advantages and outlook for wooden buildings as a sustainable form of construction both in the field of individual housing and in the field of public, commercial and multi-storey buildings.

Architect: Tomáš Bém
Structure: Novatop System, SECA floor boards
Implementation: Domesi, A2Timber
Photo: Tomáš Princ