Ceremonial Hall, Germany - Novatop

Ceremonial Hall, Germany

Reconstruction of a ceremonial hall in Baden-Württemberg

The wooden roof with a distinctive open space, which creates a light and airy impression, is the most dominant element of the reconstruction. Designers chose special NOVATOP OPEN panels for the following reasons:
1. High static load-bearing capacity
2. Large spans, which allowed them to generously dimension the clearance height in the interior,
3. Precise machining for connection to the brick part of the original building
4. Diffusionally open roof structures
5. Assembly speed with reduced construction security costs (street occupation, scaffolding, safety nets, etc.)

In order to create pleasant acoustic conditions in such a generously open space, the ceiling is lined with NOVATOP acoustic panels. Wood effectively completes the space and makes it a building worthy of its purpose.

Authors: Frieder Sattler, Peter Fitterer
Studio: Bautieger
Town: Linkenheim-Hochstetten