A model 3AE passive house - Novatop

A model 3AE passive house

A new model house in Čakov u Ostředku, less than 30 minutes from Prague, is currently being completed. As early as the summer of 2023, you will be able to experience what it is like to live in a timeless passive house with visual wood in the interior.

The structure is passive, with forced ventilation, intelligent control and other top technology, interesting details as well as materials. The house is built entirely from the NOVATOP system, which is as much visual in the interior as possible and provides fragrant wooden cosiness. It has two residential units – one more modest and the other with a large living space, which will serve as a place for meetings with clients, various corporate events and, above all, for rentals to clients. The concept of the house corresponds to one of the most popular ones, on which architect Lukáš Pejsar from the 3AE team is working. It is a modern bungalow with a green roof, and a covered terrace with a large window to the garden. A natural swimming lake will also be part of the exterior.