A family home, Central Bohemian Region - Novatop

A family home, Central Bohemian Region

A house designed by the owner for her family.

„What I like about NOVATOP is its technological and material simplicity. High-quality processing of solid wood with a monolithic smooth surface that does not need any further large modifications. And, in conjunction with other materials, its interiors look very contemporary and timeless. I think that the potential reserves depend on the subjective preferences of the individual users. Personally, I have no comments.”

Author: Mgr. Art. Lucia Kocmanová, www.luciakocmanova.com
Design: RD PROJECT & PARTNERS, s.r.o.
Structure assembly: Dřevostavby MC
House structure: NOVATOP SOLID, NOVATOP ELEMENT, interior elements and sauna: NOVATOP bioboard