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How to eliminate the most common errors on site?

With the increasing popularity of wooden buildings, we are gradually registering a larger number of articles that point out their mistakes. Let’s have a look at the most common mistakes and the ways of minimizing them using NOVATOP.

Dry wood is essential
In the construction itself, it is necessary to pay attention to the use of poor-quality wooden structures, which form the most important part of the house – the skeleton. A particularly dangerous factor is the use of natural solid wood that has not been properly sorted and dried, especially in constructions where the wood is built in and sheathed. This may cause shape changes in the structure and drying can result in interior finishes cracking and in extreme cases, failure in the airtight envelope. NOVATOP is a safe choice in this respect, as it is made from consistently sorted and certified timber dried to 8%. The panels are composed of cross-laminated lamellas, making the solid structure stable and safe, and it does not undergo creep deflection as other systems do.

A minimum of assembly joints
Each joint on the site is affected by the human factor, the more joints and details that are dealt with at the site, the higher the risk of error. Just the simplicity of execution of structural details, the minimum number of assembly joints and the simple compositions of walls are a significantly positive argument for NOVATOP (panel, insulation, façade). For example, external walls of a single-storey house can be made of four panels up to 2.95 x 12 meters, so there are only four joints that need to be taken care of. The simplicity of execution is reflected not only in the speed of construction, but particularly in the economic aspect of the whole building. Moreover, everything is cut on CNC machines with millimetre accuracy already in production (and not on the site by a carpenter with a chainsaw), so the details are very precise, thus reliably tight. The possibility of assembly errors is therefore eliminated.

Airtightness without foil
The airtightness of the envelope is very important for new buildings, especially low-energy and passive ones. In conventional systems, this is guaranteed by foil that is very susceptible to damage. On the construction site, it is practically impossible to monitor the quality of the execution, especially in the most sensitive places of the structure, such as the corners of the rooms, all wall openings, drawers, hinges, etc. If this layer breaks, it will, over time, result in increased water vapour flow, condensation and mould formation, which may lead to rotting. This shortens the life of the structure as well as affects the health of its users. It is the mould environment that causes allergies and skin and respiratory diseases. NOVATOP eliminates this problem by the fact that the bearing all-wood structure creates an airtight envelope and a moisture stop in one and does not need any foils! This is demonstrated by Blowerdoor tests with values well below 0.6.

Technological advancement
Technological advancement of the NOVATOP system eliminates mistakes of common wooden buildings, thus significantly improving the quality of finished buildings. It excels in the speed of construction, the accuracy of individual components, easier compliance with the airtightness of the envelope and minimization of errors caused by the human factor. The construction is not created by a carpenter on site, but by a CNC machine in the production hall with great accuracy from the data entered by the designer.