How does the assembly take place? - Novatop

How does the assembly take place?

NOVATOP panels are supplied finished and precisely machined directly to the installation site in order to minimize rework and to ensure quick progress of the construction. The construction is built on a prepared and insulated foundation plate, onto which it is anchored with L profiles. The panels are connected with wood screws and the connection with other structures is carried out using various kinds of building hardware. Due to the high weights of the panels, cranes are suitable for manipulation. All panels are prepared already in the production process for standard suspension systems.

Assembly instructions can be found in the downloads section.

Fillings of openings, insulation and the facade, according to the requirements of the project, are then applied to the finished structure. In the interior, the panels can be left uncovered with the visual quality of spruce wood. The interior surfaces must be protected from damage and secured against the weather during construction.

Technological advancement of the NOVATOP system eliminates mistakes of common wooden buildings, thus significantly improving the quality of finished buildings. It excels in the speed of construction, the accuracy of individual components, easier compliance with the airtightness of the envelope and minimization of errors caused by the human factor. The construction is not created by a carpenter on site, but by a CNC machine in the production hall with great accuracy from the data entered by the designer.

NOVATOP in practice?